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Fan the 4 Flames of Freedom

September 12th, 2022

On September 11,Guest Posting 2001, 4 freedom-hating zealots tried to snuff out
the 4 freedoms that are the foundation of, not only the U.S., but of
all freedom-loving countries around the Globe. The terrorists
hijacked 4 airplanes and crashed them into 3 of their 4 planned
targets: the Pentagon and the 2 financial towers in New York. This
attack shocked the U.S. and shocked the world. It produced death
and destruction, anger and misery, defiance and calls for revenge.

Although some military strikes may be needed, the best way to
fight terrorism is by stoking and fanning the 4 flames of freedom

The 4 Freedoms are Attacked

Why was the U.S. attacked? Because the U.S. is the leader of the
free world. It stands for ideas which are contrary to what radical
terrorists believe. They consider the U.S. to be the devil that must
be obliterated. What are the ideas the U.S. stands for? It stands
for, it burns, the 4 flames of freedom:

1 – FREEDOM OF SPEECH – The terrorists hate the idea of free
speech. Free speech implies disrespect for authority. Free speech
means you can utter blasphemies. Free speech means you can be

To freedom-loving countries, however, free speech is our
strength. By criticizing authority we reduce corruption. By allowing
people to speak freely about religion, we keep our spiritual
environment strong. By allowing people to speak their mind, we
learn to get along better with each other.

2 – FREEDOM OF RELIGION – The terrorists probably hate this
freedom most of all. According to them there is only one religion
and everyone in the world must agree with them and practice this
religion the way THEY see it. They do not practice Islam, but a
corrupted form of Islam. Islam does not advocate killing people
whose beliefs are different from yours. Like the other big religions,
it favors peaceful communication.

In the U.S. and other freedom-loving countries, members of all
the major religions live together in harmony. Each person practices
his or her religion as he or she sees fit. Like freedom of speech,
freedom of religion builds true communities.

Terrorists are unqualifiably against democracy. They believe that
“spiritual” leaders deserve a greater voice than others. The average
citizen should do as he is told.

We, in the free world, relish our democracy. It means that
everyone has rights as well as responsibilities. We argue
constantly about the best way to do things. But, as a result, when
we do make a decision, we support it. We realize, especially at a
time like this, that we are all in this together. Democracy gives us

4 – FREEDOM OF INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITY – Terrorists do not understand this concept. They believe one should subordinate oneself to the group and to one’s god. Thus they eagerly become martyrs.

Freedom-loving countries, especially the U.S., thrive on individual opportunity for all. This concept has led to the growth of great corporations and to many rich citizens. Even the very poor in freedom-loving count
ries live better than many in poor countries that harbor terrorists.

Our Response

How should the U.S. and other freedom-loving countries respond to the attack? Many see the start of a war. But no country has declared war. A network of terrorists is responsible for the atrocity. Some call what happened
evil and that we should eliminate evil. This scares me. Who defines what is evil? The terrorists have defined the U.S. as evil and look what it has led to.

We are not fighting another country. Some military strikes may be needed to show the terrorists we mean business. But this fight will not be won by military means. Neither should we fight evil with another crusade. We are
fighting a monstrous attack on our way of life. Therefore, we must:

> Stoke the 4 Flames of Freedom locally

> Fan the 4 flames of freedom throughout the Globe

Stoke the 4 Flames of Freedom

There are those who say we must sacrifice some of our freedoms to fight these terrorists. I say, if we do this the terrorists will have won. Instead of reducing our freedoms, we should nourish them. Instead of snuffing ou
t the 4 flames of freedom, let us light them brighter. Stoke them and make them stronger:

1 – FREE SPEECH – You need to give up some privacy, some say. We need freer use of wiretaps, others say. In a war there must be a limit to free speech. My reply: If you limit free speech, what is the purpose of the figh
t? You do not fight by surrendering the most cherished freedom. Not only must we keep free speech alive, we must make it stronger.

2 – FREE RELIGION – Some say, let us use religious and ethnic profiling to keep tabs on possible terrorists. Others, even now, are attacking Muslims. We must fight the terrorists by allowing everyone to practice his own
religion or lack of religion. We must not smother one of our strengths and thereby help the terrorists in their fight against us.

3 – SELF GOVERNMENT – In times of crisis, political leaders tend to be more secretive, more authoritarian, less open to criticism, less democratic. We must avoid these misdirected approaches. If anything, we must be mor
e open and inclusive, more eager for discussion, understanding and resolution of problems.

4 – INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITY – Make sure there is opportunity for everyone. This is tough in the current bad economic situation. The airlines are getting a helping hand from government. How about the people who have lost
their jobs? Perhaps this is a good time to rebuild the infrastructure – public buildings, roads, utilities, bridges, schools, the environment – to supply work to those who need it.

Fan the 4 Flames of Freedom Throughout the World

Not only the U.S., but all freedom-loving countries are under attack by the terrorists. An excellent strategy for winning this fight is to increase the number of countries on our side. In other words, let us do what we ca
n to bring as many countries into the freedom-loving part of the world. We know how to do this and we should do it – the freedom way, not the military way:

1 – FREE SPEECH – We take free speech for granted. But there are many places around the Globe where people know only what authorities allow them to know. In an age where we have so many sophisticated means for spreading
news and information, this situation is outrageous. Our antagonists spread propaganda. We must spread true information. Information will beat propaganda every time.

2 – FREE RELIGION – We believe in this. But why keep this freedom to ourselves? Through our actions, through the media, through diplomacy, through business contacts, and through any other means, let us show the world th
e value of religious liberty.